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Few donors, big money – The secret of Ted Cruz’s campaign success

Few donors, big money – The secret of Ted Cruz’s campaign success

Ted Cruz’s campaign is sustain by four of America’s most wealthiest men, claims The Washington Post. But how can the Texas Senator coop with statements that say few donors and political integrity don’t go well together?

Just behind Donald Trump in recent polls, Ted Cruz is now a player to be reckoned with when it comes to the GOP presidential nomination. But would have Ted Cruz’s campaign flourish without the help of four influential and rich businessmen?

Is a bigger amount of money required to become president?

$36 million were committed last year by these donor families and are now used in broadcasting and online advertisements, direct mailings and get-out-the-vote efforts in early primary states, says the same source. With just over a week until voters in Iowa and New Hampshire make upt their mind, Cruz must go big if he wants to depose Donald Trump of his Republican front-runner title.

New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, Texas natural gas billionaires Farris and Dan Wilks, and private-equity partner Toby Neugebauer are the billionaires that invested so much in Ted Cruz’s campaign.

A loss could be more than just bad news

“No one wants to lose. We didn’t miss that an outsider would win. I think we’ve nailed it.”, said Neugebauer to The Associated Press when asked why he and others bet big on the Texan Senator. Their help came before Cruz started to rise in polls and even before he announced his presidential bid in March. It all started two years ago at a donor’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, with a casual conversation that turned in a more formal way over the 2014 Labor Day weekend at Neugebauer’s ranch in East Texas, claims The Washington Post.

Later that year, Mercer helped Cruz through the big-data firm Cambridge Analytics, where he is an investor. Alexander Nix, the company’s chief executive officer, wanted to praise Ted Cruz for the fact that he understood the importance of early work, to identify potential voters and develop messages that would motivate them. “Money never buys you time. Too often clients will come to you just before an election and expect you to work miracles. But you cannot roll back the clock.”, said Nix, quoted by the same source.

For Ted Cruz’s campaign, Mercer invested $11 million, Neugebauer gave $10 million, and the Wilks brothers and their wives together gave $15 million. In contrast, Jeb Bush’s super PAC counts more than two dozen million-dollar donors.

The donors might have their own interests

Many people, more or less competent for such an opinion, think that these donors are influencing his policies, whether on abortion, energy or the gold standard. Already Ethanol advocates had linked his desire to discontinue the government subsidy for the corn-based fuel to his oil and gas contributers.

The donors entity called Keep the Promise recently began a multimillion-dollar TV ad campaign. If we take into consideration that since mid-December, the Keep the Promise have documented about $4 million in independent expenditures to help Cruz or attack other candidates, it looks like these guys are prepared to win. “Can He Win?” , is a slide-show presentation uploaded on the Keep the Promise website in July. The document predicted it would be “very difficult for Establishment to destroy the conservative challenger.”, says The Washington Post.