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Finland, Norway reopen bars

Finland, Norway reopen bars

The governments of both Scandinavian countries, Finland and Norway, gave a green light to reopening of bars. Since Monday, bars are ready to welcome the visitors, however, the new distancing guidelines and shorter hours in place to keep pathogen down, AFP says.

Following a long period of shutdowns, the bars are reopened in Finland and Norway. In particular, Finland’s 10,000 bars and restaurants are only allowed to admit half of their normal capacity under a new set of rules that will stay in place until at least the end of October.

The move has been criticised because the described mode of bars’ working is absolutely unprofitable. In addition, the customer limit makes that business senseless, taking into account that the rent and utilities would be charged at full rates once premises reopen.

However, the good news is that the outdoor terraces and gardens will have no customer limits, however, with the law telling punters not to get “too close” to each other without specifying a minimum distance.

Drinkers and diners must be seated at a table or bar while self-service food buffets, a much-loved staple of Finnish restaurant culture, are not allowed for hygiene reasons.

Norway reopens its bars

In Norway, bars that serve food were authorised to reopen in early May. Meanwhile, the warm summer weather could help on Monday’s bank holiday to enjoy an utepils — a beer consumed outdoors.

The new health protocol requires the groups must be limited to 20 people, with distances of one metre between each person except for those living under the same roof.

Only table service is allowed, regular disinfection of tables and chairs is required, and establishments must close by 11:30 pm. However, Oslo city officials confessed that it is really harder to maintain good epidemiological precautions with high alcohol consumption.

Norway, which has confirmed 8,411 cases and 236 deaths from coronavirus, imposed strict measures to curb the spread of the virus on March 12.