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Finland wants to stop the practice of dual citizenship

Finland wants to stop the practice of dual citizenship

Finnish opposition party “True Finns” wants to abolish dual citizenship

The largest parliamentary opposition party in Finland “True Finns” proposed to stop the practice of dual citizenship in the country, follows from the updated program of the party.

According to the Finnish Statistics Office, at the end of 2021, there were 149,879 dual citizenship holders in the country, the largest group being Russian citizens – 38,339 people.

“In Finland, the right to dual citizenship must be abolished because it does not serve its purpose due to the changed security environment. In the future, a foreigner must renounce the citizenship of his country of birth when applying for Finnish citizenship,” follows the updated party program .

According to the program, Finland will not return to the previous bilateral relations with Russia. According to the party, the Russian special operation in Ukraine has shown that the attempt to integrate Russia into Europe has failed.

Parliamentary elections in Finland are scheduled for April 2, 2023.