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Finnish authorities set to join NATO

Finnish authorities set to join NATO

Finland and Sweden will become full members of the North Atlantic Alliance by July, according to Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

“President Sauli Niinistö believes that Finland and Sweden will participate as full members of NATO in the defense alliance summit in Vilnius in July (the meeting is scheduled for 11-12 July). Niinistö emphasizes the importance of this milestone, stating that if membership is not achieved by fly, it will make the whole process of joining NATO even more dubious,” the report says.

Niinistö in an interview with STT recalled that Finland and Sweden have heard many encouraging statements from NATO on the rapid admission of countries to the Alliance.

“Yes, I see that this has already become a problem for NATO. Obviously, the NATO countries were also surprised,” Niinistö said.

The focus is on the ratification of the applications of the Nordic countries by Turkey.

“I don’t think that he (Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan) will succumb to any public pressure. But if something opens up in bilateral negotiations between the United States and Turkey, then maybe this will have an effect,” Niinistö said.