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Finnish state company Gasum refuses to pay for gas in rubles

Finnish state company Gasum refuses to pay for gas in rubles
  • The Finnish state company Gasum did not accept the demand of the Russian side to switch to a new gas payment system.

In this regard, the company warns that there is an increased risk of cutting off natural gas supplies from Russia to Finland.

Gasum notes that he was preparing for this situation together with customers and the country’s authorities. In the summer of 2022, Finland hopes to supply gas from Estonia via the Balticconnector gas pipeline, but capacity constraints on the pipeline may complicate this task.

According to data from European gas transmission operators, this gas pipeline did not pump gas in April, but since May 1 it has been continuously transporting fuel to Finland.

It is noted that Gasum and Gazprom Export have been discussing changes to the terms of the contract since autumn last year.

“The companies have serious disagreements on other requirements made under the contract,” the Finnish side informs.

“Gasum cannot agree with all this and has decided to submit disputes regarding the supply contract to arbitration,” the company said.