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Firebombing In Cairo Nightclub, 18 Killed, 6 Injured

Firebombing has killed 18 people and injured six others in El Sayed restaurant’s nightclub Friday in Egyptian capital Cairo.

Multiple Molotov cocktails were tossed by three men on a motorcycle, reports Egyptian media.

Investigation and rescue operation are underway and Cairo police are searching the attackers. A source reveals one of the attackers were an employee of the restaurant.

Initial assessment of the assault does not point towards any terrorism or criminal link, but it is also not to forget Egypt has been under attacks for past few months and the latest was bombing of Russian jetliner in the Sinai Peninsula of the country.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility of September’s jetliner attack revealing a soda can bomb was smuggled onboard and blew mid air.

Isis is a global threat and last month it launched six attacks on single day in French capital Paris that killed more than 100 innocent people and wounded at least 300 others.