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First Muslim actor to receive an Oscar, Mahershala Ali, makes Academy Award history

The ceremony Oscar is breaking the borders, this year, the first Muslim actor won the award for his performance in Moonlight. Mahershala Ali made the historical speech in the Kodak theatre while receiving this first for him statuette.

Oscar ceremony in 2017 will be the most bright memory for Mahershala Ali who won the award for his role in Moonlight. This week for the Muslim was unforgettable: the actor welcomed his daughter and won the first his Oscar as the Best Supporting Actor.

Ali fantastically performed in drama Moonlight as a drug dealer who takes a troubled young boy under his wing. The actual movie comes in a year where the US government has placed travel restrictions on seven Muslim majority countries, leading other Oscar nominees from Iran and Syria to have to skip the Academy Awards ceremony.

Saying the words of gratitude, Mr Ali stayed away from overtly political commentary in his humble acceptance speech.

Mahershala Ali and his speech 

The star of popular project ‘House of cards’ thanked his teachers over the years, Moonlight’s director Barry Jenkins and his wife Amatus Sami-Karim, which was supporting him through all the time of the Moonlight set. Mahershala added that Moonlight had taught him some critically important life lessons.