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Five ancient Spanish monuments that must be protected at all costs

Five ancient Spanish monuments that must be protected at all costs

Spain’s Minister of Culture José Guirao urged to pay additional attention to the cultural heritage of the kingdom, The Local Spain reported. The Notre-Dame blaze showed that the country’s ancient monuments must be protected at all costs.

As Europe mourns the destruction of France’s iconic Cathedral, Spain’s Ministry of Culture revealed the plan on how to preserve Spanish cultural monuments, many of them are ancient. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world are coming to Spain to enjoy the unique sightseeing.

Minister Guirao said that it is time to review safety and preservation measures for Spain’s landmarks. According to the official, the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has served as a reminder to Spain of the need to protect its historical landmarks. Here are at least five invaluable Spanish buildings that need to be preserved at all cost.

#1 Bonaval Monastery, Guadalajara

The ancient monastery was built in the 9th century in Retiendas. In 1821 was bought by a private buyer, since then it’s been forgotten to the point that experts say it could collapse very soon.

#2 Alcazar de Segovia

The medieval fortress was built in 1155, it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately, the meteorological conditions mean the outer façade is in need of regular restoration.

#3 Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba

The mosque’s building began in 728, its interior is extremely fine. The breath-taking structure – both inside and outside – has overall been beautifully preserved, there are historical associations claiming its Moorish origins are under threat.

#4 Santa María del Naranco Palace (Asturias)

Pre-Romansque church-turned-palace looks solid and enigmatically. It was built in 848 just outside the northern city of Oviedo, now it is one of the oldest structures in Spain.

#5 Hercules Tower, A Coruña

The unique building, it is the world’s only remaining Roman lighthouse. Such a proud landmark for residents of the Galician city of A Coruña should be preserved for generations to come. Tower’s had to withstand millennia of bad weather and is in regular need of restoration.