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Five more women make sex-offence allegations against Luc Besson

Five more women make sex-offence allegations against Luc Besson

Nine women have now accused Luc Besson of sexual crimes, ranging from rape to inappropriate behaviour, however just one told all that to the police, Guardian reported. Ms Sand Van Roy, 27, accused the French director of raping her at the hotel in Paris.

Luc Besson is a rare case when the European director made a successful Hollywood career, consequently, he is a rich and influential person in the entertainment business. This week, five women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Mr Besson who was already interviewed by police in May- in connection with an accusation of rape by the 27-year-old actress Sand Van Roy.

Another round of interviewing by police took place in July when another Mediapart investigation claimed three women had accused Nikita’s creator of assault and sexual harassment. The French director denies Van Roy’s allegation of rape, saying they were “fantasist accusations”. He has yet to respond to requests for comment on the most recent allegations, while his lawyer Thierry Marembert denied the allegations, telling: ‘Luc Besson categorically denies these fantasist accusations. ‘[The complainant] is someone he knows, towards whom he has never behaved inappropriately.’

According to the Mediapart report, an ex-student at Besson’s school, l’Ecole de la Cité, claimed she was sexually harassed by Besson in 2015 while on an internship with him after her second year in the school. Despite such an inappropriate situation, the girl later accepted Besson’s invitation to work as his assistant. The young woman claimed that she endured unwanted kiss and hugs, although all Gallic culture based on the multiple kisses and hugs, that a normal part of the daily life.

Thierry Marembert, Besson’s lawyer, added in regards to Sand Van Roy’s allegations: ‘Mr. Besson fell from his chair when he learned of these accusations, which he flatly denies.’