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Floods in Thailand affected about 50 thousand people.

Floods in Thailand affected about 50 thousand people.

About 50,000 people were affected by flooding that began Monday morning as a result of persistent heavy rainfall in the southern Thai provinces of Narathiwat and Yalla, Thailand’s disaster management department said.

As of 09.45 on Monday, floods were reported in 13 districts of the two neighboring provinces of Narathiwat and Yalla, and 9,697 residential buildings (family detached houses) were flooded. In many places, especially in Yalla province, the depth of flooding is one meter or more, the department said.

Also, as a result of the floods, 8 secondary schools were closed for one or two days, in which the first floors of school buildings were severely damaged.

A number of intercity local roads in areas bordering the city of Yalla, the capital of the province of the same name, are inaccessible to automobile traffic.

Also, several sections of the railway track in the southern direction of the State Railways of Thailand are flooded with water; train traffic in these sections is temporarily suspended, the report says.

The department has created a flood damage assessment working group, which has sent staff to both provinces to both assess the damage and organize assistance to the population of the affected areas, the department said.

The provinces of Narathiwat and Yalla belong to Thailand’s “Far South” – the southernmost region of the country, which borders neighboring Malaysia.