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Food shortage has started

Food shortage has started

In some countries, a shortage of popular products began against the background of an unfavorable situation in the world.

It is noted that in Australia they found a shortage of lettuce on the shelves, which is why the KFC chain of catering restaurants decided to add cabbage to burgers. In turn, in Japan, onions and salami disappeared, in Germany – bottled beer, and in the USA – popcorn. There have also been reports of a reduction in the number of tomatoes and potatoes.

This situation is explained by several factors: weather conditions, the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the geopolitical situation that has developed against the backdrop of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.
In March, experts from Farmers for Climate Action warned Australians of a potential food shortage due to global warming. According to study author Steven Bartos, extreme weather events can seriously disrupt supply chains if at least two of them occur at the same time.

“Climate change has made the food supply chain more vulnerable than we thought,” he said, adding that shortages would also drive up prices.