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Football World Cup 2022 hosts Qatar doubles tax on alcohol

Football World Cup 2022 hosts Qatar doubles tax on alcohol

The British football fans aren’t happy with Qatar’s decision to double tax on alcohol during the World Cup 2022, Guardian reported. With the new levy of the Qatar Distribution Company, the country’s only alcohol retailer, a six-pack of beer will now set local drinkers back more than £20.

For Qatar, the issue of alcohol is always a sensitive subject, so, the policy was revealed when the Qatar Distribution Company (QDC) released a 30-page list with updated and more expensive prices for beers, wine and spirits. Beer, dry gin, other liquors will get an unbelievable price tag. Of course, organisers have promised that booze will be available, but only in designated areas and not in public spaces.

Undoubtedly, the news about the unprecedented high cost of alcohol made the football fans unhappy, but for Qatar, it is normally. The Muslim country expects to attract more than 1.5 million visitors for the upcoming 2022 World Football Cup and to get maximal income from the international event. However, for sponsors such as Budweiser, it is a totally new and unexpected move. Bud also likely isn’t pleased at with dramatic price hike.

The QDC attributed the price rises to the 100 per cent “excise tax”, and the government spokesperson later confirmed “it is true” when asked about the new tax. While the fans will have an opportunity to consume the alcohol during World Cup, Qatari officials have warned that drinking of alcohol will be more restricted than in previous World Cups.