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Former King of Belgium ordered to take DNA test to disprove love child claims

Former King of Belgium ordered to take DNA test to disprove love child claims

Albert, the retired King of Belgium, is a centre of scandal now, the court has ordered to the 84-year-old royal to take a DNA test. As Guardian understood, the former king could be a father of Delphine Boël, a 50-year-old aristocrat artist.

King Albert II risks being presumed to be the father of Delphine Boël if the royal doesn’t take a traditional DNA test to disprove that presumption. The 50-year-old artist wants to prove he is a daughter of the former King of Belgians, while he has refused to recognise Ms Boël as his daughter for more than a decade.

According to the Brussels court, the royal must submit to the test within three months or be legally presumed to be the artist’s father.

In 2013, Delphine Boël has started her own investigation after the DNA test proved that Jacques Boël, scion of one of Belgium’s richest industrial dynasties, was not her biological father. Since then, Ms Boël has tried to prove that King Albert II is her father. Ms Boël preferred to choose the right time to sue the royal, after his abdication, Albert lost his immunity to court judgments such as the paternity test. Now, he has to take it to disprove his paternity.

Ms Boël’s lawyers said in their statement that they were pleased with the “strong affirmation of the principle of acting in the interests of the child” as she seeks legal confirmation of her true identity.

The Palace told local media that it would not comment on the case, insisting it was “in the private domain.”