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Former Moldovan President Dodon allowed the creation of a new party.

Former Moldovan President Dodon allowed the creation of a new party.

The former president of Moldova, honorary chairman of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Igor Dodon allowed the creation of a new political force.

Dodon headed the Party of Socialists from 2011 to 2016, when he became president of the country, since the head of the republic cannot have a party affiliation. In 2021, the position of PSRM chairman was abolished, the leadership in the political formation was transferred to the collective governing body – the executive committee. Dodon announced that he founded and headed a public organization – the Moldovan-Russian Business Union.

“There is an option that I will create my own party, a movement that will not be tied to the geopolitical vector. The party will be pro-Moldovan and even, perhaps, in this regard, it will be stronger than the PSRM. I do not exclude such an unfolding of events,” Dodon said. on the air of the Chisinau TV channel N4.

At the same time, the politician stressed that the PSRM team remains “his own family” for him, and he will not break off relations with it.

“They (party colleagues) are like a family for me. I prefer to remain part of this common family, to remain close to the team. If the need arises and there is some other formula, a project, I think many socialists, the vast majority, will join it “, the ex-president added.

In the spring, opposition protests began in Moldova against rising prices and the economic crisis. Separate actions were carried out by the Party of Socialists and the Shor Party, immediately after that a series of arrests of opposition representatives swept through Chisinau. Dodon was detained in May and placed under house arrest. The politician was accused of illegal enrichment, corruption, illegal financing of the party and betrayal of the motherland. After a series of court hearings, the policy was changed from house arrest to judicial supervision – an analogue of a written undertaking not to leave the country.