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Formula One’s midfield to be the most competitive in 2017

Formula One’s midfield to be the most competitive in 2017

Formula One’s hybrid era has to come, such a controversial period may harm the sport’s competitive nature, the experts believe. Despite all these changes, the midfield contingent has delivered some of the most intense racing in 2017.

Formula One is changing fast, and 2017 promises a pukka contest for the outright championship between the leading triumvirate. Of course, Mercedes AMG, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing teams are still the leading ones, though it will be the fight for 4th in the constructor’s championship that will fascinate most.

The pre-season testing is on its way, while the management of Formula One is doing its best to transform F1 into the modern platform with the powerful online segment. It’s not really revealing much in regards to the pecking order in the midfield, it will be difficult to gauge where most of these perennial outfits are placed heading into their respective 2017 campaigns.

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Meantime, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason (he is car aficionado) was driving his McLaren F1 GTR when he crashed the multi-million dollar supercar into a tire wall during the Goodwood Members Meeting in West Sussex. The musician is live and sound, the car incident harmed the car, not the driver. So, Mr Mason is uninjured after the parade lap crash, but it is said that ‘serious damage’ was done to the car. Pity, F1 car was so beautiful, said Mason.