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Four arrested in EU countries for trafficking migrants

Four arrested in EU countries for trafficking migrants

Police in three EU countries completed a joint operation of Italy, Hungary and Slovenia. Its result is an arrest of four smugglers who suspected of smuggling illegal migrants into Italy. According to Milan Carabinieri, the Balkans being the preferred route to Western Europe.

The police of three EU countries (Italy, Hungary and Slovenia) completed the joint operation on Saturday. They have arrested four people who were involved into the smuggling illegal migrants through the Balkan corridor. The criminal group was well-coordinated, and they lived in different countries, Italian police added. Such a business generated returns close to €500,000 a year.

Two of four arrested suspects were caught in northern Italy, one in Budapest and one in Maribor in Slovenia. Now they are charging with criminal conspiracy and aiding and abetting clandestine migration. The investigation showed that arrested cell is a part of a trans-national criminal group with HQ in Milan.

The main activity of criminals was an organization of process: the well-coordinated chain transported Pakistani, Bengali and Afghan migrants to EU countries. The route was Hungary — Italy –northern European countries. The migrants are heading to the North because of a generous social package in the Scandinavia countries.