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Four military bases have been set aside for the resettlement of refugees in the UK.

Four military bases have been set aside for the resettlement of refugees in the UK.

British authorities are using four military bases to resettle refugees, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said on Wednesday.

“The territory (military bases) will be refurbished in the coming months to accommodate several thousand refugees in barracks and modular cabins,” he said at a parliament meeting.


Earlier, the British authorities announced plans to use the Royal Air Force bases in Essex and Lincolnshire to resettle migrants. Now, two bases in East Sussex and Yorkshire have been added to their number, the latter being in the constituency of Richmond, which is represented in Parliament by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak himself, the report said.

“The Prime Minister is showing himself to be a true leader by offering to resettle the refugees in his district at the Catterick garrison. We are also exploring the possibility of using ships to accommodate them, as is done in Scotland and the Netherlands,” Jenrick added.

Earlier, British media reported that in Scotland, refugees from Ukraine live on cruise ships.

These measures will save six million eight hundred thousand pounds per day. That is how much is spent on accommodation of migrants in hotels. However, representatives of charitable organizations oppose the resettlement, as conditions at military bases are not satisfactory, according to Sky News.
In response to Jenrick’s statement, Lincolnshire MP Sir Edward Leif told Parliament that the local council would take legal action immediately after £300 million had been allocated to convert RAF Skempton into a cultural heritage site.

“Who will protect 1,000 people living next door to 1,500 migrants, as well as children from the local school? He (Rishi Sunak) cannot guarantee anything,” Leif said.