Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

France announced the lifting of restrictions on public transport.

France announced the lifting of restrictions on public transport.

In France, restrictions on the operation of buses and trams, previously introduced due to riots, will be canceled, follows from the statement of the minister-delegate in charge of transport, Clement Beaune.

“Tonight, the normal operation of buses and trams will be restored everywhere in France,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

The Minister Delegate specifically noted that additional local restrictions may be reintroduced depending on the situation.

The wave of protests against police brutality in France is gradually subsiding. The number of detainees, as well as the scale of pogroms, have been decreasing for several days in a row. The day before, President Emmanuel Macron said that the peak of the riots had passed.

Last Tuesday, police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old boy during a road check in Nanterre, who security officials said refused to comply with their demands. In a number of cities in France, riots broke out that have lasted for several days. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, young people across the country set fire to more than five thousand cars, as well as police and government buildings, and about a hundred city halls have been attacked since the beginning of the pogroms. According to the Ministry of Economy, about 250 bank branches, 200 grocery stores and about 10 shopping centers were looted.