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France plans migrant processing centres in Libya

France plans migrant processing centres in Libya

France’s president Macron said he wanted to take all migrants off the streets of France by the end of this year. The French leader promised as well “dignified” accommodation to this homeless people, so far, France plans migrant processing centres in Libya.

Emmanuel Macron warned that capacity of any country is limited when it’s about the economic migrants.

“No country can take all the economic migrants,” 

Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday. It is worth to note that other EU countries are reluctant to back Macron’s plan on the creating the hotspots in Libya, but the French leader assured France was prepared to go it alone.

Since January, at least 100,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean, more than 2,300 have drowned in the attempt. The coast guards report all the time about the dead bodies of refugees who weren’t lucky in their dangerous trip to Europe.

On Thursday, President Macron announced his plan on migrant processing centres in Libya, so-called hotspots, but his own officials dismissed the plan as impractical.

Macron about the opening centres in Libya

Emmanuel Macron on refugees

According to Emmanuel Macron, before the end of the summer these hotspots to process asylum applications.

“The idea is to create hotspots to avoid people taking crazy risks when they’re not all eligible for asylum. We’ll go to them,”

President of France said during a visit to a refugee shelter in Orléans, central France.

He said the centres would help to stem the massive influx of migrants into Italy and elsewhere in Europe. However, foreign diplomats insist that such a movement of France should be “united” within the framework of the UN.