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Freddie Mercury: 25 years after his death, Brian May pays tribute

Freddie Mercury: 25 years after his death, Brian May pays tribute

Freddie Mercury passed away 25 years ago, and today his colleagues and fans paid tribute to the rock star. The social media is full of warm words and memories about the great musician and singer. Freddie’s former bandmate Dr Brian May wrote a lot about their young years.

Freddie Mercury became a real star, his fantastic live shows became a legend of the musical world, his voice was amazing. Even opera singer Montserrat Caballier praised the vocal technique of Freddie, calling him the outstanding singer. Till now, Queen’s concerts and famous live performance are on the top, people search them and enjoy this unbelievable music, written by Mercury.

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Brian May admitted it was an occasion tinged with sadness as he unveiled a blue plaque at the childhood home of his bandmate. Brian said he could feel his presence as he revealed the memorial at the terraced house in Feltham, west London.

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The history of legendary band Queen is taking its start from west London where Freddie was living in the house with his parents. There was the place he met his future bandmates May and Roger Taylor.

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Brian May also grew up in Feltham, he remembers how Freddie’s parents bought the house in Feltham. Their family left Zanzibar for the UK when Freddie (Farukh Balsara was a star’s real name) was a teenager. Before unveiling the English Heritage plaque, Brian said:

‘The last thing we would have thought is that I would be here at this point, commemorating him with a blue plaque. It’s a happy occasion with a tinge of sadness because he should be here, he should still be here creating.’

Dr May added:

‘As boys we conquered the world in a way that was beyond our wildest dreams, which is why we are here today.

‘What I remember of Freddie is hard to sum up. He was a shy boy and embarrassed of still living with his mum, so he often slept on people’s floors to feel like he had broken away.

‘He had an extraordinary capacity to energise people and make them feel excited. We knew he was something very special, he made people feel like they could do it too.’