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French president’s popularity still weak after Notre-Dame fire: poll

French president’s popularity still weak after Notre-Dame fire: poll

Emmanuel Macron’s popularity is still week, shows the recent poll conducted by Ifop on Sunday. People of France is waiting for stability and normal life from the national leader who is not able to resolve the gilletes jaunes situation, which was worsened by Notre-Dame blaze. 

The popularity of President Macron remains low, showed the poll’s result for the Journal du Dimanche. There are no major changes reported after the Notre-Dame fire, the stuck at under 30 per cent as Macron battles a series of political and social troubles, which have shaken his young presidency. Both poll readings, March and Aril, looks almost the same.

According to Ifop poll, 29 percent of respondents polled said they are satisfied with the job Macron is doing. The rest – 69 percent – dissatisfied with their president and his ability to rule the country. Many people don’t believe in Macron’s promises to rebuild the Paris symbol in just five years, that vow sounds as over-ambitious even for Mr Macron.

The fire in Notre-Dame also prompted President to shelve a speech planned for Monday outlining his response to the “yellow vest” protests against social inequality.

Talking about the poll’s results, Frederic Dabi, deputy director general of Ifop, said that public opinion is in a major waiting position ahead of the presidential announcements.

In 2017, President Macron enjoyed sky-high approval ratings of over 60 percent after coming to power, but since then, too many hopes and aspirations of the ordinary French citizens were disappeared. There still no major reform in France, and the Yellow vest demonstrations remains the main symbol of macron’s immature presidency so far.

However, Emmanuel Macron is nonetheless still better liked than his predecessor Francois Hollande, who left the office with a popularity rating of just 18 percent according to Ifop.