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Friend, Neighbor Of San Bernardino Shooter To Be Charged: FBI

The man who supplied guns to the attackers of San Bernardino, California, will be charged for criminal offences, said Federal authorities on Thursday.

According to report on NBC and CNN, friend of the married couple, Enrique Marquez, the charges against him is expected to be filed on Thursday.

Marquez is also a former neighbor of radicalized Syed Rizwan Farook, who launched the deadly attack earlier this month on December 2 with his wife Tashfeen Malik killing 14 innocent people and injuring 21 others.

Immediately after the attack the FBI raided home of Marquez and questioned him for several days. He became a key figure in the investigation. Upon investigation it was found with Farook he had plotted an attack three years ago but later abandoned the idea of any such.

It is also learned the US prosecutors are considering of filing firearms charges too against the 24-year-old neighbor who had checked himself into a LA-area psychiatric facility after the attacks had taken place.

However, sources earlier said Marquez, who had converted to Islam, was coordinating with the investigation team.

It is found Marquez had known Farook, the US-born son of Pakistani immigrants, since they were teenagers. Both were neighbors in Riverside. It is alleged he had legally sold two AR-15 assault-style riffles to the couple which used in the December 2 shootings.

State records reveal Marquez had married sister of Farook’s older brother’s wife, a Russian lady. His neighbors were surprised with the wedding and no one had earlier seen him with a woman.

Meanwhile, FBI Director James Comey said the investigation team has not found any evidence that point the couple attackers were part of any terrorist call even though they were inspired by the Islamic State militant group, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

The husband and wife attackers were shot dead four hours after the attack on a chase. The two has left a six-month-old daughter to the mother of Farook on the same morning when they launched the attack.

Farook was a Chicago, Illinois boy where as Tashfeen was born in Pakistan. The two met online first and thereafter in Saudi Arabia.

Tashfeen entered the US on a K-1 visa with a Pakistani passport.

President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Mary Kay Henry, said the twelve dead in the shootings were their members.

He added, “Our hearts are broken from this tragedy. … We will unite to demand that our nation does everything possible to ensure that no more families have to feel this pain, sadness and loss ever again.”