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Is fruit really that healthy: study

Is fruit really that healthy: study

The scientists from the Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organisation (LHL) insist on the healthiness the fruit in daily ration of adults and kids. According to the recent study, fruit consists mainly of water, that’s why the sugar level in much lower in comparison with candy.

The Norwegian scientists recommend to have a good habit of eating one apple per day, the fruits is much healthier than candies or soda drink. The Norwegian Directorate of Health and its advisors have no doubts that fruit is really healthier than candy, professor Eric Arnesen said:

“Fruit can be a fine alternative to candy but it mustn’t be compared to it, fruit does not really contain a lot of sugar.”

Why are fruits so healthy to an organism? Fruit contains a lot of water, including fibre, vitamins, potassium and polyphenols. In whole, fruit the sugar is packed inside the cell walls of the fruit.

In short, the national dietary recommendations is simple: just eat two different fruits and three different vegetables per day.