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Frustration in Jeb Bush’s camp

Frustration in Jeb Bush’s camp


The frustrations about the campaign of GOP presidential candidate, Jeb Bush are becoming more noticeable, with top aides urging donors to hold tight through South Carolina.
The Bush family legacy which has helped Jeb Bush’s campaign so far seems not enough anymore as even the most outspoken family loyalists admit it may soon be time to move on.
With poor performance in the Iowa caucus and that of New Hampshire poised to hold tomorrow not seeming favourable, there is an increasing sense that Jeb Bush is running out of time to demonstrate strength.

Bush’s backers are waiting for the next two primaries to decide

Frustrations have begun to spill into open view with one top Bush fundraiser who played a key role in his brother’s administration saying: “If he doesn’t do well in New Hampshire, I think he needs to think long and hard about what he wants to do.”
Another financial backer and loyalist for many years was reported saying that most other donors are waiting till February 20 to decide. The South Carolina primary would be when they would say if they have had enough.

Some other supporters are still optimistic

While some loyalists have conceded that the end may be in sight, others such as former Minnesota Rep. Vin Weber — one of Jeb Bush’s advisers, are still optimistic of Bush’s chances.
Weber who also worked on George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns said: “I acknowledge reality. There’s going to be three or four candidates remaining after New Hampshire. I think the field is going to narrow pretty quickly. We’ll see what happens in South Carolina, and from there you can see the dynamic starting to winnow the field pretty quickly.”
One key reason for optimism is the very recent climb-up in polls. The Bush campaign is forecasted to be in a head-to-head competition with his chief rival, Marco Rubio. In the last GOP debate, he came out relatively unscathed from the GOP debate while Rubio stumbled badly under a barrage of attacks largely from Chris Christie.