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The Gambia celebrates inauguration of President Adama Barrow

The Gambia celebrates inauguration of President Adama Barrow

The African country Gambia celebrated on Saturday the inauguration of President, people were singing and laughing in the streets of Banjul, as President Adama Barrow took the oath of office.

New Gambian President Barrow celebrated his inauguration on 18 February, the anniversary of the country’s independence from the UK. The ceremony took place at the Independence Stadium in Bakau. Many Barrow’s supporters even spent the night at the stadium to ensure that they’ll have a smooth passage inside.

Many UK and USA diplomats and official guests experienced certain difficulties to gain access to the stadium because of the tight security measures.

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Barrow is due to retake his oath, which he first did in neighbouring Senegal a month ago when former President Yahya Jemmeh was ousted.

At the ceremony, 52 pigeons will be released, representing each year of independence from Britain. According to the witnesses, the atmosphere was absolutely electric.

After taking the office, President’s main challenge now is to bring in reforms into the security services. The security services were very loyal to Mr Jammeh, former leader of the country. The economic situation is also needs the reforms and refreshed strategy, analytics suggest.