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Gambia’s longtime leader, Yahya Jammeh, agrees to step down

Gambia’s longtime leader, Yahya Jammeh, agrees to step down

Gambia’s experiencing the tough times, the West African country’s leadership passed to another person this week. Adama Barrow was sworn into power in Senegal, while ex-president Yahya Jammeh agreed to step down.

The former Gambian leader was ruling the African country over two decades, his career as a top politician person of the Islamic Republic started in the 90s. This week, the leader of Gambia is agreeing to step down, he made an official statement, stressing that:

“I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation.”

According to Mr Jammeh, his decision was taken in the interest of Gambian people whom he was proud to have served all these years. The Gambian television channel aired the statement of Jammeh who lost an election to Adama Barrow in December.

Gambia’s longtime leader Yahya Jammeh initially conceded defeat in the presidential election, but later he was saying the controversial things and calling the vote unfair. Despite all this, Adama Barrow, the 51-year-old businessman, was due to take office in January.

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The new Gambian President Barrow has zero experience in politics but has a great desire to create jobs. According to his election promises, his priority is the restoring of human rights, giving the opportunity for Gambian people to have the freedom of speech.

Another issue for the new Cabinet under Mr Barrow is the strengthening the Gambia’s links with Britain. The president-elect said:

“There is a strong tie with Britain and Gambia if you recall history. They colonised Gambia and we are part of the Commonwealth and we will return to the Commonwealth again. Any aspects that are going on in Gambia, Britain will be our number one partner in terms of trade, in terms of democracy, in terms of good governance. They will be our partners.”