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George Michael renewed friendship with ex-lover Kenny Goss

George Michael renewed friendship with ex-lover Kenny Goss

George Michael has a lot of musical plans, and the renewal of the friendship with his ex Kenny Goss can lead to the comeback from the pop superstar. The old good friend Mr Goss always was a ‘love of his life’, noted Michael.

The singer George Michael and his ex-boyfriend are together again. Despite their splitting up in 2009, the 53-year-old musician is going to come back on the stage. Their reunion with Kenny is now sparking hopes for it, quite possible that a full-fledged comeback feels much more likely with Goss’ back to keep George Michael balanced and creative again.

The split of this pair in 2009 was following the series of attempts to renew the relationship. In fact, during this long period of time, George suffered several setbacks, including spending time in 2015 at the rehabilitation centre.

Will George Michael come back to the scene?

Kenny and George started their love story in 1996, the pair lived together in Dallas and North London. Now, the British singer is going to live with Kenny who is a Texan art dealer. According to The Mirror, they are spending time together again, and it is obviously that men were missing each other. Their reunion is the exciting time for fans who have been so worried over the last few years.

George Michael and Kenny Goss in 1996 (Picture: FilmMagic)

The Sun published an article, in which the close friend of George Michael said that:

‘There have been some really dark periods for George, especially during the time apart from Kenny.’

If Michael will be in the good spirit, he’ll be able to come back and create the new hits and album. Kenny helped to keep George on the ‘straight and narrow’ and that the American was ‘really good for him.’

In 1996, when Michael met Kenny, the singer has released the fantastic album ‘Older’, maybe two decades after he will astound us again? Kenny is always ready to help win his next musical awards.