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German coalition partners ‘optimistic’ after talks

German coalition partners ‘optimistic’ after talks

German Chancellor’s Christian Democrat-led bloc has the prospective coalition partner SDP. This ‘grand coalition’ has all the chances of a successful conclusion to their exploratory talks have improved after a meeting in Berlin on Wednesday, Bild reports.

In Germany, the minority right-leaning government with just the CDU-CSU in power would be worryingly reminiscent of the unstable Weimar Republic of the 1930s that led to Hitler and the Nazis taking power. Nowadays, the political situation would also probably have to rely on the AfD for support in passing legislation, thereby further legitimizing the party.

According to the joint statement issued by CDU, the Christian Social Union, and the Social Democrats after hours of talks in the German capital, ‘the trust has grown’. So, the political parties are starting negotiations in an optimistic tone.

Martin Schulz  had earlier told the press that Wednesday’s meeting would be mainly about technical issues and not “about substance yet.” Moreover, SPD chairman didn’t indicate whether Germany’s oldest party would overcome its reluctance to enter into the third alliance with Merkel after suffering a historic defeat in September’s national election.

Angela Merkel about the coalition and Germany’s political future

German Chancellor has said she wants exploratory talks between her CDU/CSU bloc and the SPD to be concluded by the middle of January and formal negotiations to take place quickly. In fact, Angela Merkel seeks to end months of political uncertainty following a ballot result that left her victorious but weakened.German political leader noted in her New Year’s speech her commitments to forming “a stable government for Germany without delay.”

Volker Kauder, Merkel’s caucus chief, expressed parties’ desire to form a government together. Alexander Dobrindt, who represents the CSU’s group in parliament, urged “dynamism” to bridge the differences between the sides.