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German Foreign Minister calls for reform of EU rules

German Foreign Minister calls for reform of EU rules

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock announced the need for strategic action by the European Union in the issue of expansion in the Balkans and the integration of Ukraine and Moldova, the minister stressed that the EU must also reform its institutions, in particular, abandon the principle of consensus in foreign policy.

“Ukraine also protects the values ​​of Europe. That is why the EU cannot slam the door in Ukraine’s nose. As for the status of the candidate, it is about more – about the question of whether we are able to act strategically, and not bureaucratically, at this historical moment. The Russian war – “this is a historic milestone on our continent. The decisions we make will determine relations in Europe for a long time to come, even if the accession process remains long and difficult. The same goes for our friends in Moldova,” Burbock tweeted.

She also noted the need to take further steps in the integration of the Balkan countries into the EU, “otherwise, Russia will take them (steps).” “But it will not be enough just to set up additional chairs in Brussels (for meetings of representatives of member countries). It is time to build the EU further, including abandoning the principle of consensus in foreign policy,” the minister wrote.

The principle of consensus is used in the Council of the EU when making decisions in a number of policy areas. In particular, it is used when making foreign policy decisions that are binding on the entire EU – in this case, the consent of all participating countries is required, which often leads to delays in decision-making or their significant revision in the interests of one or several countries.