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German opposition leader warns of blackouts in the country this winter

German opposition leader warns of blackouts in the country this winter

According to CDU leader Friedrich Merz, if the government continues to abandon nuclear energy “for ideological reasons”, then Germany will face massive power outages in the winter.

Germany already this winter may face massive power outages. This was stated in an interview with Bild by the leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) Friedrich Merz.

“If the government continues in the same spirit, sticking to the refusal of nuclear energy for ideological reasons, we are threatened with a blackout at the beginning of next year,” he said and called for the purchase of new fuel elements to continue the operation of nuclear power plants in Germany.

The German authorities began shutting down nuclear power plants in 2011 after the Fukushima accident. This year, due to the reduction in Russian gas supplies, some German politicians proposed extending the operation of three nuclear power plants until 2024. However, according to German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek, even if the NPP operation time is extended, gas consumption in the country will decrease by only 2%.

Against the backdrop of climate change and anti-Russian sanctions, EU countries, including Germany, are facing record inflation and energy shortages. Some countries have introduced a special regime in the energy sector to save fuel in cold weather. In Germany, in particular, this autumn and winter, all public buildings will be heated to 19 degrees instead of 22.