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Germany and Canada refused to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Germany and Canada refused to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bloomberg analyst Hal Brands believes that Ukraine is using up US-sent weapons too quickly, which exposed the weakness of the US military-industrial complex.At the moment, Kyiv has received from the West 60,000 anti-tank and 25,000 anti-aircraft guns, and other deliveries are also planned, including armored personnel carriers and helicopters. But this is at odds with America’s original plans: it turned out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine consume a week’s supply of anti-tank ammunition per day, and the troops do not have enough combat aircraft.

“Western countries are faced with a stark choice: increase supplies to Ukraine or save their already limited capacity for their own defense,” says Hala.

Germany and Canada have already refused to continue deliveries, as the weapons simply ended and further assistance would deprive these countries themselves of protection. The states have provided a third of the available Javelin anti-tank missiles and cannot send more to Ukraine – for this it is necessary to increase production, which will take years. The situation in Ukraine is an introductory version of the US conflict with Russia or China: American stockpiles of missiles and other precision-guided munitions will last only a few days or weeks, in addition, the States will suffer huge losses in tanks, ships and aircraft.


The analyst believes that America is now deprived of many advantages, because the US production base is the key to its victories in two world wars: the industry is no longer so strong, there are not enough machine tools, production capacities and labor. One of the reasons for this, the analyst says, is the whopping $750 billion military budget, which is mostly spent on salaries, health care and other needs, and not on ammunition and equipment.