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Germany considers tougher COVID-19 measures

Germany considers tougher COVID-19 measures

The federal government and states of Germany have planned to approve the new set of anti-COVID measures. These ones aimed at halting the rise of the new corona cases.

Germany’s new anti-virus measures also include reducing the number of people at household gatherings and compulsory face mask wearing for school students.

In its efforts to halt the rise of the new OVID-19 cases, Angela Merkel’s government decided to tighten the existing health protocol at all federal and state levels. On November 23, Chancellor and 16 regional state heads will meet again to decide further measures, taking into account the development of infection numbers by then.

So far, the draft document of the measures also said people would be urged to abstain from private parties completely until Christmas. Next Monday, Chancellor Merkel and the heads of 16 states are expected to elaborate the new strategy.

This month, the EU country has imposed a set of measures dubbed a “lockdown light” to rein in the second wave of the pandemic that Germany is seeing in common with much of the rest of Europe. The light mode means while restaurants are closed, schools and shops remain open.

As a result, numbers of new infections are no longer growing exponentially, but a decrease of infection numbers is not yet foreseeable, according to the document.

“Further efforts are needed (…) We have four difficult winter months ahead of us before hopefully seasonal effects and the start of vaccinations will allow us to gradually overcome the pandemic,” the document said.

Last week, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn tested positive for coronavirus.