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Germany heads for “Jamaica” as three-way coalition talks begin

Germany heads for “Jamaica” as three-way coalition talks begin

German Chancellor begins talks on Wednesday, she is going to form a three-way coalition government with two parties—the Free Democrats and the Greens. The point is these parties used to be political rivalries with the totally different policies.

Angela Merkel intends to realize her realistic option as far as forming a coalition between i) conservative bloc (the CDU and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria), ii) the liberal, pro-business Free Democrats, and iii) the Greens. The political experts aren’t sure in the positive result of Merkel’s efforts but she is ready for talks.

German Chancellor’s effort to form a “Jamaica” coalition (the parties’ individual colours match exactly the Jamaican flag) promises intense wrangling between three sides with dramatically different agendas. The pressure is on for Merkel to make this work since the alternative is a minority government, which Germany has never had, or another election, which no one wants.

Jamaica coalition in Germany – talks start on Wednesday

On October 18, the negotiations start, and the parties should elaborate some kind of unified vision of the issues on refugees, climate goals, and European integration. There’s no legal limit to the length of time the talks can last, and, with around 50 people involved, it promises to be a complicated process.

The EU aspect also included into the agenda of ‘Jamaica’ talks. While the Greens will be pushing for deeper integration among EU member countries of the European Union, the Free Democrats feel very different. FDP leader Christian Lindner called debt mutualization in Europe a “red line” in coalition talks. One thing in keeping with a Jamaica coalition that the old liberal enemies can agree on is legalizing marijuana in Germany, indeed.