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Germany migrants crisis: Merkel ally Seehofer offers to quit

Germany migrants crisis: Merkel ally Seehofer offers to quit

On Monday, when Angela Merkel’s key ally, interior minister Horst Seehofer, threatened to quit, the German Chancellor agreed to revise the migrant policy, Reuters reported.

For Germany and other EU states, the control for migration is a must, believe far-right politicians. Even the scientists say that migration control is far from being an embarrassing vestige of nationalism and racism, it is going to be increasingly important tools of social policy in all high-income societies. Moreover, the migrant crisis and the disagreements over sharing the burden of migration have divided European Union.

Last Sunday, Mr Seehofer offered to quit as interior minister and not only. He is ready to quit as well as a leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) but was later persuaded by CSU colleagues to meet with the Chancellor prior to making a final decision. The Merkel-Seehofer crisis talks are set for 17:00 in Berlin. While he argues that police should turn away migrants at the Bavarian border if they have sought asylum elsewhere, Mrs Merkel is sticking to an EU-wide deal.

Earlier, Bavarian state premier Markus Soder also said he hoped for a compromise.

“One thing is clear: the stability of the government is not a question for us,”

Soder said to Reuters while SPD leader Andrea Nahles warned that her patience has worn thin. She explained that SPD wants a humanitarian, but also realistic, migration policy.

In other words, CDU and SPD have very different ideas on migration policy, so, Merkel-Seehofer meeting is really important for the country. Should German government break down completely, it could pave the way for new elections, an option that Chancellor has previously said she prefers to rule in a minority government.