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TTIP: US-EU free trade talks have failed

TTIP: US-EU free trade talks have failed

The US and the EU for three years are trying to negotiate the points of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). On Sunday another round of the talks was not successful, the sides have too many differences over various issues, main of them is an agriculture.

The US and EU on Sunday have been negotiating the TTIP articles, but there were no positive results after the talks. According to the Germany’s Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, both sides are looking at the various issues too differently.

The TTIP negotiations sought to conclude by the US and EU in recent 2016, but the free trade agreement between the sides had essentially failed, says Herr Gabriel in his Sunday’s interview to ZDF:

“The negotiations with the USA have de facto failed because we Europeans did not want to subject ourselves to American demands.”