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Germany’s New Year’s Sexual Assault Problem

Germany’s New Year’s Sexual Assault Problem

Germany has had a major problem with people from North Africa and the Arab countries regarding criminal conduct over the years. 2016 started off with an incident that included gangs of men, identified as North African and Arab, who engaged in crimes that ranged from robbery to rape.

Germany has also had a major influx of refugees from North Africa and the war torn Arab countries, but officials say that none of the perpetrators as yet have been identified as being refugees. The trouble started around a train station where about 1,000 men had gathered. Soon, small groups of men from the overall group began their criminal assaults that included robberies, groping, sexual assaults, and one rape so far.

Officials across the country are ina quandary as to what to do next. The citizens and pro-German groups are frustrated that outsiders have taken such advantage of the the hospitality and protection the German government has provided. To be victims in their own country just isn’t sitting good with them. Officials are also in a run to protect themselves as the people are starting to turn on them for their decisions to allow the immigration and refugee migration to happen and continue. So far, Europe has absorbed about 1 million refugees alone and keeping track of all of them has been quite a task to say the least.

It will take law enforcement in Germany some time to sift through the arrests of the New Year’s assaults to determine who and where the perpetrators came from. Once that is done, the statistics will be analyzed and presented to the public and from there, punitive actions will be administered, but whether or not those punitive actions will be administered or be effective is anyone’s guess.

It seems as though Germany and the other European countries are trying to prove something to the world and have placed their citizens in harm’s way to do this. These attacks now show whatever that agenda is, is responsible for the citizens becoming victims of crimes.

The events in Germany are sure to raise the eyebrows of many anti-refugee persons in the US, including that of the Republicans who are in direct opposition to the admission of refugees. President Obama will have to go to work and justify his push for allowing refugees into the country as well. Things don’t look good for the pro refugee teams and as the year goes on, any other disruptions by immigrants and refugees may well end such programs and advantages for some time to come.

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