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Giant swastika unearthed under Hamburg sports field

Giant swastika unearthed under Hamburg sports field

Hamburg workers were excavating ground to build changing rooms when they discovered the four-by-four metre block. The swastika, which measures four-by-four meters, was buried 40 centimetres beneath the Hein-Kling sports field in Hamburg’s Billstedt district.

The giant swastika became a surprise for the members of the Billstedt-Horn sports club when the workers have unearthed that giant structure once served as the foundation for the Nazi-era monument. According to the historians, that once stood at the site of the sports field, later it had been torn down and destroyed but not its base.

Hamburg’s cultural heritage management was informed of the discovery and ordered the structure to be removed as soon as possible. However, because it is too heavy for the excavator to lift it out of the ground, officials will instead break it up with jackhammers and remove the smaller pieces.

There is no need to note that the members of the sports club at the Hein-Kling stadium weren’t happy with such a results of excavation. The district community demands the quickest removing of such bloody souvenir from Germany’s past.

Hamburg city administration promised the citizens who want the swastika gone as quickly as possible the work on disappearing of it will be done soon. That discovery from the dark times follows two years after an amateur archaeologist found a collection of gold coins worth around 45,000 euros said to have been buried during the 1940s, maybe, during the World War II.