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The “Gilmore Girls” from babble Details

The “Gilmore Girls” from babble Details

There are already a few Happy, the new “Gilmore Girls”episode, already seen! Yesterday evening in the Admiral’s Palace in Berlin. For the promo tour invited Netflix to an exclusive Event with the two main Actresses Lauren Graham (49) and Alexis Bledel (35). And the two chatted properly the beans.

It’s only two weeks until the Premiere of “Gilmore Girls”. Then it is finally over and the world learns how to do it with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. The Fans speculate for months about all sorts of constellations in Rory’s love life. But it is more important, Netflix is really very good to keep all the info under lock and key.

In Berlin, the Gilmore Girls have told now for the first Time, what awaits the Fans and “Rory”actress Alexis Bendel revealed according to the ‘’ what has driven your character the last ten years: “We meet Rory again, as a journalist, working as a Freelance, she travels a lot and often sleeps on the Sofas of their friends, while you are chasing the next Story. She lives a bit of a nomadic Lifestyle. Then she comes back to Stars Hollow, and is confronted with her past. This is also influenced by the death of her grandfather. She comes to mourn with him and to reconsider some of their decisions.“

Okay, and what about your Ex-Boyfriends Dean, Jess and Logan? This may, the two reveal nothing. Well, it is at least exciting and maybe even a new character shows up? Lauren Graham assured yesterday in Berlin, that not everything has changed. Sleep Hollow is still the idyllic town of ten years ago:

“It is to drink a lot of coffee, the city is pretty much the same and there is no one in Snapchat. It feels warm and familiar.“ In two weeks, the Wait has finally come to an end, then the first of the four new episodes running in the length of the film.