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Glasgow confirmed as host for 2020 UN climate summit

Glasgow confirmed as host for 2020 UN climate summit

Glasgow will host the next United nation climate change summit, The Guardian reports. In 2020, the state members scheduled to meet in Glasgow to discuss the ways of decarbonization and aspects of the transition to renewable energy sources.

After months of preparations, the UK was confirmed as co-host with Italy, when other countries signalled their acceptance on Tuesday. The decision came after huge Theresa May’s contribution. One of her final acts as prime minister was to enshrine in law a commitment to ensure the country had net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The activists hailed the news, saying that Glasgow 2020 will be an unmissable opportunity to turn the tide and work towards averting this growing crisis. Climate change remains one of the greatest threats to human rights the world has ever seen.

The governments need to share their experience, progress and ambitions, taking into account the landmark Paris agreement signed in 2015. Governments must ensure that next year’s summit sees a step-change in global ambition for how the UN tackles the climate crisis to stop global temperatures rising to irreversibly devastating levels.

Glasgow 2020 is one of the brightest opportunity for the UK to use its diplomatic influence to encourage other European states to reduce carbon to net zero in the run-up to the summit to ensure it’s a success.

The next UN climate change summit will be definitely one of the most anticipated summits ever. The outcome of the US presidential election, which takes place on 3 November 2020, weeks before the conference, impacts the summit.

President Trump has begun the process of withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement, but withdrawal cannot legally take place until 4 November next year.