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Good day sunshine: smart tan and healthy skin

Good day sunshine: smart tan and healthy skin

Summer is on its way, so extra-protection from UV-rays is actual as never before. Summer fashion offers charming hats and clothes, but sunscreens are very important for skin protection, too. According to American Cancer Society, more than 90% of skin cancer is caused by sun exposure. It’s time to be careful and attentive, especially in choosing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), say the dermatologists.

The UV-rays become friends if you are using them in a proper way, so there are Top Ten ways to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays.

1. Using of powerful sunscreens with SPF 15 as a minimum. It would be great if it is water-resistant. You should reapply sunblock every two hours.
2. Going outside? Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before, because the skin needs some time to absorb it.
3. Sunblock application must be generous and thoroughly. Sun terraces of the average adult (the face, neck, arms and legs) are taken at least 1oz of sunscreen.
4. The sun-protective clothing is highly recommended, so hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts and pants will serve as an extra-protection from harmful UV-rays.
5. The most aggressive UV-time is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, so, please avoid the sun during this period.
6. Using the maximum UV-protection for the face will prolong the youth of your skin. No ruined collagen means elasticity of the skin as long as it possible.
7. Kid’s skin needs to be protected whole day, please, watch them wearing the hats and reapplying the sunscreen.
8. Never show to the direct sunlight your babies under the age of 6 months! There’s no need to treat their thin skin with aggressive UV-rays.
9. Self-exams must be a rule for every adult, as well you should examine the skin of your kids – an early detection abnormalitiy is the easiest way to save the skin health.
10. A dermatologist should complete your body scan once a year. “An early detection can prevent skin cancer from becoming life-threatening,” said Dr. Alexander Doctoroff, President of The Dermatological Society of New Jersey.

Your personal UV-patch: smart tan guaranteed

One smart way to get around this problem of lack of coverage is to have a physical reminder for when to apply more sunscreen.

This can now be done with the new wearable skin sensor patches, such as L’Oréal’s flexible UV-sensitive skin patch. You simply wear the patch on your hand or arm and the skin sensor will track your personal sun exposure.

It changes colour when it is exposed to light, then a smartphone app determines how much exposure you’ve had to help you apply more sunscreen or move out of the sun. If you’re keen to try it, the patch is free and will be issued via Boots and skincare websites this summer.

Be smart and enjoy the sun without puttin’ you at health risk, these top ten ways will help you with the sun-protection routine. Wish you carefree and healthy summer time.