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Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

Google tightens the security measures to remove extremist content on YouTube, this popular social media will be more secure and comfortable for users, without the extremist content, said Google on Sunday.

Alphabet Inc’s Google is ready to make their cyberspace safer with the tools, which will be removing terrorist or violent extremist content after identifying it. On Sunday, the company said in a blog post about the implement more measures to identify and remove an extremist/terroristic content from YouTube.

The company is going to employ more engineering resources for an increasing its use of technology to help identify extremist videos. Moreover, the corporation will train new content classifiers to quickly identify and remove terroristic content.

“While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done. Now,”

said Google’s general counsel Kent Walker.

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Google about the safe content on YouTube

Google will expand its collaboration with counter-extremist groups to identify content that may be used to radicalise and recruit extremists. In the plans of the corporation is the reaching potential ISIS recruits through targeted online advertising and redirect them towards anti-terrorist videos in a bid to change their minds about joining. De-recruiting online, the brilliant idea! If one user is able to radicalise another user, the reverse option is able, too.

The leading European countries like Germany, France and Britain have pressed Facebook and other providers of social media such as Google and Twitter to do more to remove militant content and hate speech. Probably, soon EC community will get a high-tech response to the wave of total radicalisation through social media.

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Facebook joined the colleagues from Google and Twitter, Zuckerberg’s corp has ramped up the use of artificial intelligence such as image matching and language understanding to identify and remove content quickly, the company said in a blog post.