Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

Google under Legal Scrutiny by F.T.C. over Android

The Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation on complaints that Google has been unfairly using its Android mobile OS to better market and bolster products such as Google Maps and Google Search, according to New York Times news.

Two people are said to be involved in the inquiry and have preferred that their identities remain unknown throughout the investigation. Although there is a possibility that the investigation won’t lead to anything, this latest update does highlight the problem of internet security that many people are facing with Google.

The issue is also said to extend beyond just Android. Investigators are looking into Google for signs of unfair use of software to promote their other services, according to the involved people.

Bloomberg News was first to report on the inquiry, mentioning how Google is back under legal antitrust scrutiny and may or may not end with a case against the company. The spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, Justin Cole, said that they cannot disclose anything about their investigations and declines to say anything more on the matter.

Matt Reily, a legal counsel at FairSearch, says they “welcome an investigation” and has also initiated antitrust cases against Google, claiming that the tech giant’s practices are a threat to innovation and consumer choice.

Even if the investigations won’t amount to anything, it’s clear that Google and Android will still be in for a long run of regulatory battles.