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Gorbachev mistakenly believed in US promises not to expand NATO

Gorbachev mistakenly believed in US promises not to expand NATO

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev mistakenly believed in the promises of the United States not to expand the North Atlantic Alliance. This was stated by former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, political scientist Paul Roberts.

“Gorbachev’s mistake was a misunderstanding of Washington. The American president can make an agreement that his successor will refuse. Even if there are signed documents, and in the absence of such, the corrupt regime Clinton was able to say that agreements on NATO not advancing to Russia’s borders never existed, ”said Roberts

According to him, the current US administration is fanning a new cold war.

Earlier, the former head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, former chairman of the UN General Assembly, Jan Kavan, expressed the opinion that the United States themselves provoked the start of a special operation in Ukraine, ignoring the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about NATO expansion.

Former US President Donald Trump said that under him, the escalation in Ukraine would not have happened thanks to the agreements.

He also expressed the opinion that the actions of the current US administration in the situation around Ukraine could provoke a world war.