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Greece’s debt costs rise sharply as concerns grow over IMF role

Greece’s debt costs rise sharply as concerns grow over IMF role

Greece’s financial situation raises concerns, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) worries over country’s debts. To date, the international lenders question whether the country is able to keep up with debt repayments.

Greece is in the debts, the yields on 10-year government bonds have reached their maximum since November, they’re higher at above 7.8%. The International Monetary Fund analysed the current situation and revealed its board was split over how far spending cuts in the country should go. These discussions caused new doubts and concerns over Fund’s participation in the plans for the rescuing Greek economy.

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The concerns grow, and now it is obviously that Greece’s ability to keep up to date with debt repayments is melting away month by month. According to the IMF general plan for Greece (as for August 2015), the IMF declined to join the European Central Bank and the European Union to fund the country’s the third instalment.

In the light of current changes, the IMF board is trying to make a right decision: is the new chunk of rescue funds from the IMF will really helpful for the economic of Greece?The third bailout needed by mid-2018, and Germany always said that IMF’s support is crucial for Greece.