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Gunman kills two guards at Saudi royal palace

Gunman kills two guards at Saudi royal palace

Royal guards in Saudi royal palace killed the gunman who was armed with a Kalashnikov and three grenades. On Saturday, the gunman shot dead two Saudi guards and wounded three others at the gate of the palace in Jeddah.

The Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry confirmed the fact of two guards’ death, those servicemen maintained the security at the royal palace. The gunman was immediately dealt but his act of unmotivated aggression resulted in the martyrdom of two royal guards.

The interior ministry reported on the detail of the incident: the 28-year-old attacker got out of a Hyundai car. The official statement was published in the local press immediately, and the international organization should react quickly.

The reaction of the US to the royal palace attack

The US embassy in Saudi Arabia had earlier cautioned its citizens over reports of the attack.

“Due to the possibility of ongoing police activity, American citizens are advised to exercise caution when travelling through the area,”

the embassy said in a brief statement.

The national security agency advised to the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia to warn the American citizens on the attacks, which can be linked to the Islamic State. The State Security Agency said police raided three hideouts in the capital Riyadh and exchanged gunfire at one of them.

According to the police, the attacker, Mansour bin Hassan Al Ameri, 28, a Saudi, was killed by security forces on the spot.

In general, last week was full of events for the country, King Salman paid his first official visit to Moscow and reached a number of the important agreements with the Russian President Putin.