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Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin set to be a ‘highly energised musical’ instead of drama

Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin set to be a ‘highly energised musical’ instead of drama

Guy Ritchie is going to make live-action remade musical based on the Aladdin’s version of 1992. Disney bosses are ready that the British famous director agreed to apply his creative abilities to this genre.

The ex-husband of Madonna is set to take on directorial duties for the remake of the classic 1992 animated Disney’s ‘Aladdin’. Guy sees new feature as a ‘highly energised musical’ filmed in a live-action manner, the Disney executives are gasping from delight.

The 48-year-old Mr Ritchie met with Sean Bailey, the president of Motion Picture Production for Walt Disney Studios, they promised an absolutely new picture, which will be unlike anything Disney has ever done before. Mr Bailey highly appreciated Guy’s involving in the project:

‘Guy became interested in doing a Disney movie and we talked a lot about it. When we talked about ‘Aladdin’. My stories are really about street hustlers. That’s what I know how to do. And Aladdin is a classic street hustler who makes good.’

Aladdin by Disney, 1992

Will Aladdin look like ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’?

Ritchie’s fans highly appreciate his talent to create the unbelievable criminal action movies, so there is a question: will Aladdin be in style of ‘Snatch.’ or ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ‘? It would be fun and stylish, at least, people suppose.

Guy’s got his own version of that story in his life, Max Keene will co-produce with Dan Lin. Ritchie is very exciting with the new project because his kids will be the most attentive viewers and severe critics.