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Hamburg continues to fight the fire that broke out on Sunday.

Hamburg  continues to fight the fire that broke out on Sunday.

Emergency services continue to fight a major fire that broke out in Hamburg on Sunday, it is expected that the extinguishing operation will last until the end of the day, German radio station NDR reported.

According to firefighters, the fire in the German district of Rotenburgsort broke out on Sunday at 04.30 am local time. Warehouses on Billstrasse caught fire. By the time the first fire truck arrived on the scene, several cars, washing machines and other goods from the warehouse were already on fire. By this time, the flames had already spread to the warehouse complex. The cause of the fire was not reported.

“The fire in the warehouses in the Rotenburgsort district is under control, but has not yet been completely extinguished. There is still a lot of smoke on the Billstrasse street. Almost nothing remains of the warehouse complex, many buildings collapsed. About 30 firefighters worked in shifts all night,” the radio station said.

With reference to representatives of emergency services, she added that the extinguishing operation would continue until the end of the current day.

Earlier it was reported that after the fire, a poisonous cloud of smoke was formed, which headed towards the city center. Residents of Hamburg were advised to keep windows and doors tightly closed and, if possible, not to go outside.

Later, the city’s fire department noted that comprehensive measurements by the environmental service and the analytical group of technical and environmental supervision, as well as special forces of the voluntary fire brigade of Hamburg, showed no dangerous or harmful concentrations of fire gases in the air.

Rotenburgsort is a district of Hamburg, which belongs to the central district, located between the Elbe River and its tributary Bille.