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So, what happened with Donald Trump this week?

So, what happened with Donald Trump this week?

Donald Trump must be already considering himself the GOP’s nominee for the Presidential race, otherwise we can’t explain the multiple mistakes he did the past week. Ok, it wasn’t the first time when he changed his mind about previous statements, but this time, Trump made gaffe after gaffe, making us wonder if he’s starting to be overwhelmed by the pressure he’s dealing with.

No matter if we’re talking about national security or the abortion law, Donald Trump went through some very difficult moments lately and seemed to struggle in his response.

A lack of optimism ahead of Wisconsin primary

If his campaign was affected in some way or another is too early to tell, but we will definitely find out on Tuesday, when the GOP primary from Wisconsin is scheduled. According to the polls, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading in this state. There’s no need to say that an eventual loss will make Trump’s race to the nomination much harder, as he still needs 500 delegates in order to win.

Still, despite the recent events, the businessman seems confident, or at least that’s what he said during CBS’s “Face the Nation”.

“I don’t know that it’s been the worst week of my campaign,” Donald Trump insisted. “I think I’ve had many bad weeks and I’ve had many good weeks. I don’t see this as the worst week in my campaign.”

On the other side, his fellow GOP member seem to be sharing the same opinion with us, considering that Trump’s campaign has already taken damage beyond repair this week, especially among the broader electorate that will, most likely, decide the general election, according to CNN Politics.

“He has completely turned off huge swaths of the electorate. His numbers have continued to get worse,” said Tim Miller, senior adviser to the Our Principles PAC, an organization constantly criticizing Donald Trump. “He would get absolutely massacred on a historic scale (in a general election). All of the data demonstrates it.”

OK, but what actually happened?

On Tuesday, Trump’s campaign took a hit when Corey Lewandowsky, his campaign manager, was charged with battery after an incident involving a female reporter. The Republican claimed Lewandowski did nothing wrong, so everybody questioned his attitude towards women.

The ‘bad week’ continued when Donald Trump made comments about curbing nuclear proliferation, alongside raising the potential that Japan and South Korean are developing nuclear weapons for defense.

Still, everything culminated when he suggested that women who had an abortion should be punished if the procedure were outlawed. He did change his line a few times, but the critics kept coming.

The ivory tower started shaking

Considering all these, there’s one big question: Can Trump still win the nomination? Yes, it will most likely happen, since he does have a notable advantage over Ted Cruz. On the other side, he might harm the Republicans in November!

According to CNN Politics, if he does not improve his standing, the Republican House majority could be at a very big risk! Let the waiting game begin…