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Prince Harry, Meghan to attend Serena Williams’ wedding

Prince Harry, Meghan to attend Serena Williams’ wedding

Prince Harry will attend a wedding of the most bright star of a sport, Serena Williams. The tennis champion is getting married with another famous personality, the founder of Reddit. No date has been announced yet but Serena has made it clear who should be keeping their dairy free so they can celebrate her important day.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to make another official appearance as an item, the upcoming Alex Ohanian and Serena Williams marrying day will be the great opportunity for that. In March, prince and actress have made already one loud appearance in Jamaica wedding of Harry’s old good friend Tom Inskip. That time, all eyes were on Harry and Meg.

Is Serena Williams ready for such a guest who will steal a lot of attention from the bride and groom? Prince Harry is also an interesting gentleman, he is hot and popular not only in the UK! Harry loves tennis, Meghan was spotted in the tribunes of Wimbledon last year when Serena had a short conversation with Kate Middleton.

Ms Markle on Wimbledon, 2016

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams: friendship and career

Serena and Meghan are long-term pals, with the Suits actress firmly cementing her place on the VIP wedding list when the tennis star ties to the knot with her Reddit founder fiancé, Alexis Ohanian.

“Serena has told her sister and some pro friends Meghan is definitely getting a ‘plus one’ for Harry. In truth it took a bit of time for them to all get to know each other, and there was a bit of a cultural divide at first… It took Meghan a while to get used to them and vice versa, but they have really warmed to her.”

Now it’s Prince Harry’s turn to get to know his girlfriend’s gal pals, and Serena’s wedding is the perfect opportunity.