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Harvey Weinstein Books imprint terminated by Hachette Group

Harvey Weinstein Books imprint terminated by Hachette Group

Harvey Weinstein’s existing projects are suspended, they will be moved over to the Hachette Books imprint.

This week was the longest one for Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein who faced with the allegations of sexual harassment. On Friday, Hachette Book Group is disbanding the company’s Weinstein Books imprint, effective immediately. An official statement from the company reads:

“Going forward, titles currently under the Weinstein Books imprint will be published by our Hachette Books imprint, and the Weinstein Books imprint team will join Hachette Books.”

No need to say that the Hachette-Weinstein relationships have come under scrutiny as the producer has been accused of multiple cases of sexual harassment this week. The three-book deal with Weinstein Books through Hachette got the scandalous tone, and MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski said last weekend that she wouldn’t go forward with the deal unless mogul was fired by the company he co-founded.

Harvey Weinstein and his The Weinstein Co

Harvey Weinstein and a scandal around his name became a subject of discussion during the Morning Joe show on Monday, Ms Brzezinski expressed her own opinion regarding the possible deal with The Weinstein Co founded by Harvey. Despite the fact the founder was fired from his own firm one day before, Mika has an intention to know more about The Weinstein Co. culture before moving ahead with the book deal.

“I want to know that this company does not embrace sexual abusers, sexual harassers,”

she said.

“And I want to have a conversation with them before I move forward, because this is step one. Step two is having a wider conversation about the culture within an organization. That, of course, starts at the top.”

So far, Mika Brzezinski remains under contract with Hachette, and the company is said to be excited to publish her books. However, the deal with Weinstein Books through Hachette is still unclear as well as the future of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein.